About Us

We’re often questioned about the origin of our name. Our story has it that “Spanish Fly Brewing” sounded too clumsy. Another says it was a bet at a card game. A third we’ve been advised by our lawyers not to discuss. While each rendition may have some truth to them, what it really boils down to is quite simple:

Beer is fun. Brewing is fun. Drinking beer with your buddies is fun.

So why not a name that’s fun? After all, we’re in the business of helping people enjoy life. And we take our business very seriously.

Our beers are craft brewed for Old World taste and new world refreshment. Savored, slammed or sipped, these beers are also brewed to be sold…and we plan on selling a lot of them! Aggressive marketing campaigns are in place to make sure Horny Goat Beer is on the radar of beer purchasers across the nation. Radio commercials, point-of-sale, guerilla tactics, swag, social media, you name it ‘cause we plan on growing, and growing large quickly. Kind of like a horny goat. 



Please email goat ( at ) hornygoatbeergear.com to setup your return. We accept unopened and unworn returns for all orders.

Customer Service

Please call us at 262-367-9999 for questions regarding your order.